• Creative Director

    Ami Trowell is an actress, teacher, radio personality, writer and director with over twenty years experience performing. She holds a BA in Theatre from the College of Charleston and is pursing a MALS from Hollins University. While living in Atlanta, she studied improvisation with Dad’s Garage and traveled to Chicago to study at Second City. Ami can be seen in Tuned Out, and heard in multiple podcasts including All Purpose Cleaner, BP and Ami and What Just Happened. In addition to performing on stages all around the Southeast, Ami is in her fourth year directing Roanoke’s only professional improvisation troupe, Big Lick Conspiracy.

    She is especially interested in improvisation as a tool for improving personal and professional relationships, with a focus on active listening skills, communication, and collaboration. She firmly believes that improvisation builds self-confidence, increases creativity and builds better relationships. Ami has developed improvisation based curricula for children and adults, as well as professional development for doctors, engineers, human resources and accountants, just to name a few.